A Good Neighbour – 15th Istanbul Biennial

Dates: 16 September - 12 November 2017

Küçük Mustafa Paşa Hammam is located in the Fatih residential neighbourhood across the Golden Horn. While it is the site furthest away from the other venues, it remains within walking distance. Constructed in 1477, the disused hammam is one of the oldest Turkish baths in Istanbul and reflects some of the key traditional features and social structures of the Ottoman period.
While the larger ‘male’ section of the hammam was a site for the 14th Istanbul Biennial, the recently renovated ‘female’ section is this year used as an exhibition space for the first time. Two artists have worked specifically with the interior of each of their sections, and a specially developed dance performance takes place at scheduled times within the ‘male’ part of the hammam.

Artists exhibiting at this venue
Born in Venice, lives in Berlin Monica
Born in Houston, Texas, lives in Berlin Stephen
G. Rhodes
Born in Mons, lives in Istanbul
Tuğçe Tuna


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